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Grand Lake real estate

Are you in need of new windows and doors for your Grand Lake area home. Or maybe you need some window treatments for your new home.

Whatever the case, there are several professionals in the Grand Lake area ready and willing to help you with all your window and door needs.

The right windows and doors are absolutely necessary to protect your home from the weather that owning a lakefront home will face on a daily basis.

And, the right window treatment – window treatments are curtains, blinds, drapes, shutters, etc – can not only afford you privacy from peaking neighbors, but also help to protect your furnishings from the relentless sun and help keep your heating and cooling bills in check.

Here are companies that specialize in windows and doors and window treatments that call the Grand Lake area home…

Featured Grand Lake Area Window and Door Professionals:

Champion of Tulsa

Address 5899 S. Garnett Rd. Tulsa OK 74146 Phone: 918-622-1953 Website:

Green Country Shutters

Address PO Box 178 Big Cabin OK 74332 Phone: (918) 783-5029 Website: More Information


Lets assume you have a west facing Grand Lake waterfront home, whether it be along Honey Creek in Grove, Monkey Island, Horse Creek or maybe even in Disney with views of the Pensacola Dam.

If you’ve lived there for any length of time, you already know the impact the sun and wind can have on your heating and cooling bill.

With the right windows and doors, you can expect a few things:

  • Great energy efficiency with finishes that are built to withstand the Grand Lake elements
  • Year round temperature control – many people don’t realize how the wrong windows and doors can make temperature control such a challenge
  • Protecting your asset – face it, your Grand Lake home is a huge investment and you need to protect your asset.

Keep these things in mind as you work with your Grand Lake area windows and doors professionals to make the most of your Grand Lake Living!


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