Fireworks at Grand Lake – How Much Money?

As I was chillin’ on the deck last night, July 4th, 2011, overlooking Grand Lake Oklahoma, it occurred to me that there is an absurd amount of money spent on fireworks each year.  Just a staggering amount, I’m sure.

I’m too lazy to do the research right now, but if you take in Duck Creek Fireworks, Grand Lake Fireworks and Monkey Island Fireworks, I think you are safely at $150,000 just right out of the gate with money that people have donated to each of those shows.

Then, with the last 3 nights of hours of non-stop ‘works blowing up all over the Grand Lake shoreline, at least that I can see from my perch, it’s got to be another several hundred thousand dollars worth of explosives.

Imagine if there wasn’t a recession.  People would be willing to waste even more money.

Oh well.  Just a thought I had.  Hope everyone had fun.  Grand Lake can now return to normal…