Bait & Tackle Shops

Are you coming fishing to Grand Lake?

Grand Lake has several bait and tackle shops where you can get your last minute or emergency tackle needs taken care of and that also offer a wide variety of live bait for your Grand Lake fishing trip.

Plus, just stopping by a bait and tackle store around Grand Lake is a great way to maybe find out a couple of golden tips on where they fish are biting that day or what they are biting on…you know, just the kind of insider info you need for a great day of fishing at Grand Lake.


Featured Bait & Tackle Shops at Grand Lake:


Blue Water Bait & Tackle

Address 235 W. Main Disney OK 74340 Phone: (918) 435-4623

Ketch-Um Bait Shop

Address 32374 S. Hwy 82 Vinita OK 74301 Phone: (918) 323-6662


More Grand Lake Area Bait Shops:


Littlefield’s Sporting Goods – Monkey Island
Address 55901 Highway 85A Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 257-4027
Categories: Sporting Goods
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Littlefield’s Sporting Goods – Grove
Address 4610 US Hwy 59 North Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-9650
Categories: Sporting Goods
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Honey Creek Outdoors
Address 32199 South 620 Road Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 791-1195
Categories: Sporting Goods
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The Y Store
Address 2293 S. Main St. Jay OK 74346
Categories: Sporting Goods
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