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Restaurants in Grove, Oklahoma.

Charlies Chicken & BBQ

Address 1721 S Main St Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-6080

Checkered Past Deli

Address 18 E. 3rd Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 787-8707


Address 5550 Highway 59 North Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 787-5275

Chubby’s Grill (located inside OnTarget)

Address 1638 US Hwy 59 Grove OK 74344 Phone: 918-786-4867

Copper’s Tea and Coffee House

Address 3661 State Highway 59 N Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 791-3353

Crawford’s Bakery and Cafe

Address 2230 S. Main Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-0202

Domino’s Pizza

Address 2 W. 3rd St Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 791-0202

Drake’s Restaurant

Address 500 S. Main Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-4089

East Buffet

Address 421 E 3rd St Grove OK `74344 Phone: (918) 786-9288


Address 6 W. 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 933-8333

Goodfella’s Pizzeria

Address 6 West 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-1888 Website: Website: Menu

Grand Lake Coffee Co.

Address 414 E. 3rd St. Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 787-5545

Grand Lake Public House

Address 1623 S. Main Street Suite B Grove OK 74344 Phone: (913) 687-8709

Honey Creek BBQ

Address 61991 E 315 Rd, Grove Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 791-0662

La Casita de Martin

Address 23 West 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: 918-787-7994 Website: Website and Menu

Las Palmeras

Address 570 W 3rd St Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-9550

Lester’s 3rd Street Diner

Address 574 W. 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 United States Phone: (918) 964-8007

Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant

Address 10009 N. Highway 59 Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-8723

Matt’s Place

Address 2151 US 59 N. Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 801-7173


Address 4980 Clubhouse Road Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-1010
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