Flag Flying Tips From Grand Lake Power Squadron

The Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron recently took the opportunity to honor our flag and Nation by sponsoring two boat parades on Grand Lake.

On June 14, members celebrated Flag Day with a boat parade beginning near East Bay, around Monkey Island to Governor’s Island and into West Bay. The event terminated with lunch at Ozzie’s. Twenty six members and guests participated in the event.

On July 3, over 40 members and guests met at The Landings Marina for breakfast and then gathered for the annual Independence Day Boat Parade. The boat parade followed a route from The Landings, along the shore of Monkey Island, past Patricia Island into Carey Bay.

Boat Parade Participants
Participants gather prior to the annual Independence Day Boat Parade on July 3rd at Monkey Island.

In both of these holiday boat parades, members and guests decorated their boats in patriotic colors and flew “Old Glory” from the proper positions on their boats.

Many boaters are not aware that there are protocols to follow with respect to flying the U.S.Flag from boats. The proper flag position on recreational boats depends to some degree upon the type of boat.

Power boats should fly the U.S. flag from a flag staff on the stern, unless the boat has an overhanging boom or outboard, in which case the flag can be flown from a flag staff offset to the starboard (right) stern.

Sail boats can fly the national flag on the aftermost sail (or from the back stay), approximately 2/3 the distance up its length.

A common mistake in flag etiquette is to fly the national flag from the bow. The bow flag staff is where one should fly yacht club burgees or personal flags.

To learn more about the Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron, check out the website at www.usps.org/grandlake or call Commander Susie Holden at 918-786-5815.