Year 2 of GLOC Shootout – Results and Reflections

The GLOC Performance Boat Shootout returned to Grand Lake for year 2 the weekend of July 7-10 and was a huge success.

With an estimated 1,000 boats viewing at least part of the race over the course of the two days of racing, this event is proving to be a favorite among Grand Lake boaters.

But not just Grand Lake boaters…the participants that came from around the country LOVED the hospitality and the way the Shootout is organized.

Mystic Powerboats principal owner John Cosker, who throttles the American Ethanol boat from Illinois that reached a top speed of 206 mph on Saturday, told “We had a good day and the boat was running great, the best it’s ever run,” said Cosker of his 51-foot creation, which boasts almost 8,000 hp. “The way this shootout runs is absolutely awesome. The start is about 200 yards from the dock. You can do two passes, one up the course and one down the course, in about 10 minutes.”

American Ethanol at GLOC Shootout

And, according to freelance photographer Jeff Helmkamp, who was here covering the event for, Saturday in particular was “A perfect Shootout day”.

The boats went fast. Real fast.

Besides American Ethanol, there was Garth Tagge and Jim Melley from Georgia who ran 188 mph in an open cockpit 36′ Skater.

And crowd favorite Kenny Mungle with his sidekick Michael Lee Lockwood from Texas, who hit 186 mph in his GoneAgain Skater before having engine trouble on Sunday afternoon.

And Carlton Bass, all the way from McAlester, OK hit 152 mph in Cat’s Ass, his beautiful DCB boat.

This really is an event with a national scope. Boats and teams came from California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and there was a strong contingent of Oklahoma boats with several that spend most of their time at Lake Eufaula making the trip.

And even our little ol’ Grand Lake represented well with three local boats running, including Ken Brown’s DCB, the American Outlaw boat of Andy and Lacey Miller and Mark Harwood in his 30′ Spectra Cat.

Doug Wright Boats at GLOC Shootout

You can see the full racing results below.

Don’t believe me that this event has national appeal?

Check out some of the sponsors. People like DCB Boats and Performance Boat Center and

These are all national brands that are supporting this event at Grand Lake. Because they know how big an event like this is in the performance boating world and what this event can (and will) grow into.

Here’s what else you need to know. The drivers, owner and racing teams on hand LOVED the event.

This shootout is organized in such a way that these teams are able to get out on the water, do two runs, and can be back in a covered boat slip in 30 minutes.

That compares to often spending 2 or 3 hours waiting out on a hot lake to make just one run at other shootouts.

When the owners, drivers and race teams are happy…that’s good for business.

36 Skater at GLOC Shootout

The GLOC Shootout is going to continue to grow within the world of performance boat racing and is on course to become a major event destination for boats from around the country.

And that’s not just good for the GLOC Shootout. That’s good for Grand Lake and all of Northeast Oklahoma.

This event brought a lot of people who are in the boating business to Grand Lake for the first time. And they loved it! But they barely saw any of the lake.

But as I’ve heard more than one prominent Grand Lake business owner state over the years…it’s about getting people to Grand Lake the first time, and then the next time they see a little more, and then before you know it you’ve got another Grand Lake regular on your hands.

Whether they buy some Grand Lake real estate or just become someone who visits regularly…it doesn’t matter.

We can call them Grand Lakers. It’s all a part of Grand Lake Living!

And that’s why the GLOC Shootout is good for ALL of Grand Lake.

2016 GLOC Shootout results

2nd Amendment at GLOC Shootout

  • Special Thanks to Kim Pingree Martin for the photos of the 2016 GLOC  Shootout used in this post.

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