Grove Area Merchants Association

GroveAreaMerchantsAssociationThe Grove Area Merchants Association is dedicated to the promotion of downtown Grove and the small businesses throughout the area.

Grove is much more than a pretty little city along the shores of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee.

By promoting Grove as an economic and entertainment center for all of Northeast Oklahoma, the Grove Area Merchants Association is able to help all of the small businesses in the Grove area with increased awareness of the retail and the arts that Grove has to offer.

The great thing about our association is the we try to make all of our events fun for everyone, which just adds to the promotion of the Grove area as word spreads about the great times had at our events.Shop in Grove Oklahoma

From our monthly events like the Cash Mob and Coffee Before Business to our annual events such as the Great Grand Bobber Drop or Christmas Open House, we are always working to help small businesses in the Grove community.

For more information, feel free to check out our website at or visit our Facebook page for more up to date information.

Downtown Grove, Oklahoma
Downtown Grove, Oklahoma


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