Welcome To Oklahoma's Grand Lake

Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees is Oklahoma’s playground. Fishing… boating… and chilling… it’s life at the lake. And the real estate, from lakefront luxury to rustic cabin getaways, Grand Lake offers something for everyone.  Stay for a weekend or stay for a lifetime…the choice is yours!

Is Grand Lake Living right for you?

Living at the lake is NOT for everybody. You need to be relaxed, not hurried, and ready to accept a slower pace of life. Keep exploring to learn more about the Grand Lake lifestyle.

The images below are links to helpful pages that will hopefully answer your Grand Lake questions and help you find Grand Lake businesses, attractions, and upcoming events.

Where To Live

Thinking about making the move to Grand Lake? Learn the ins and outs of Grand Lake real estate, and even see a few listings – Here.

What To Do

There is always something happening around Grand Lake. Visit our Events Page here to see what is coming up next.

Where To Stay

There is nothing like a Grand Lake getaway to rejuvenate the soul. Go here to find that perfect place for your next Grand Lake adventure.

Get Stuff Done

Need stuff done? Landscapers to electricians and dock builders to home builders – whatever it is you need – find a Grand Lake contractor here.

Food and Drink

Everybody’s got to eat, right? And stay hydrated. Here is your complete guide to food and drinks at Grand Lake. Stay frosty, my friends…

Boating at Grand Lake

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Boating at Grand Lake, featured Grand Lake boat sales and servicers, marinas, and more…

Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee

With over 1,300 miles of shoreline AND over 46,500 surface acres…Grand Lake is a BIG Lake.

From the Pensacola Dam to Twin Bridges State Park – and everything in-between, including Elk River area, Grove, Honey Creek, Monkey Island, Horse Creek, Duck Creek, Drowning Creek, Ketchum Cove, and more – there are Grand Lake memories waiting to be made.

Cannonballs off the dock. Rafting up in The Drip or Woodard on a sunny afternoon. Catching crappie in the morning and eating them in the evening. Early morning fishing and spectacular sunsets.

Life at Grand Lake – whether it’s a lifetime or a weekend – gives you so many opportunities to make lasting memories with the people who matter most to you. And we think that those are the kind of days worth savoring… the kind you’ll never forget.

Welcome To Grand Lake!

The Latest From Grand Lake

Be Smart, and Safe, With Your Wake Displacement

Be Smart, and Safe, With Your Wake Displacement

Did You Know - When cruising the shoreline within 150 feet from it or a dock, it is important the boat is operated in the displacement mode. At this speed the boat will be almost at level trim and easy to steer with minimal or no wake generated. Another option to view the shoreline is to stay...

Life Jacket Safety Tips For Boaters From GRDA

Life Jacket Safety Tips For Boaters From GRDA

GRDA Police always encourage all visitors to Grand and Hudson Lakes to wear their life jackets on the water. According to the United States Coast Guard, drowning is the cause of three-fourths of all boating fatalities, and among those fatalities 85 percent of the victims were not wearing life...

Good News? Grand Lake 2020 1st Quarter Real Estate Analysis

Good News? Grand Lake 2020 1st Quarter Real Estate Analysis

Jeff Savage from Re/Max Grand Lake is back with his quarterly Grand Lake real estate report, and while it certainly seems like good news, sometimes you need to look a little deeper. We all appreciate Jeff putting this together each quarter. Make sure to visit his website at sellinggrandlake.com...

Briefing on Board

Briefing on Board

Briefing people once they are on board the boat is an often overlooked, but a very important safety measure. Those that have taken cruises on large ships will recall practicing safety drills before the ship disembarks. Too often, we assume the crew or passengers have more experience than they...

Caring For The Waters is the Ongoing Mission of GRDA

Caring For The Waters is the Ongoing Mission of GRDA

First created in 1935 to be a “conservation and reclamation district” for the Grand River, the Grand River Dam Authority has been involved in the protection and preservation of Oklahoma’s natural resources ever since. With the establishment of its Ecosystems Management Department in the early...

What Will Grove Look Like In 2045? Share Your Thoughts…

What Will Grove Look Like In 2045? Share Your Thoughts…

Much like Jules Verne looked to the future, the City of Grove is working on a vision of what the city will be like 25 years into the future, and yes... that takes us to 2045. For the past eight months, a group hired to put that vision into a working document has been seeking citizen input. Doug...