The 2014 year end Real Estate market analysis for Grand Lake, courtesy of Jeff Savage with RE/MAX Grand Lake, is out and – by all indications – 2014 was a GREAT year for Grand Lake area real estate.

Total dollars spent is up, the number of sales is up and it seems that Grand Lake real estate is as popular with buyers as it ever has been as we head into 2015.

First though, a hat tip to Jeff Savage, who has been doing and sharing these analyses long enough that he now has 10 years of data to show the highs and lows of real estate activity at Grand Lake.

All of these statistics have been compiled by Jeff, who is with RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, and are based on information from the Northeast Oklahoma Board of Realtors from the period January 1, 2005 through December 31,2014.

The Northeast Oklahoma Board of Realtors covers the entire Grand Lake area – including the communities of Grove and Vinita, and also includes Miami and Ottawa County as well as pulling in some sales and data from rural areas of Craig, Mayes and Delaware Counties.

The entire slideshare presentation covering real estate sales, dollar volume, financing trends and more is included below, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The Total Dollars spent on all types of real estate in Northeast Oklahoma was up for the 4th straight year, and was at it’s highest level since 2007.
Grand Lake real estate sales

The total dollar volume of property sales continues it’s upward trend in the Grand Lake area in 2014.

  • The Total Dollar Volume on Residential Waterfront Real Estate at Grand Lake was at it’s highest in the entire 10 year span and continued an upward trend for the 5th consecutive year.
Residential waterfront sales

Total dollar volume of residential waterfront sales at Grand Lake from 2005 through 2014.

  • And finally, the Total Dollars spent on Luxury Homes – defined as those over $500,000 and typically being the high-end waterfront homes – were also at a 10-year high and continued a similar 5 year trend of continuous growth.
Grand Lake luxury home sales

Luxury homes sales in the Grand Lake area were also at a 10 year high.

So it looks like, based on all the data, that 2015 is shaping up to be another great year. The growth seen over the past 4 – 5 years has been steady and all indications are that lakefront real estate at Grand Lake, and in fact real estate throughout the region, is ready for a strong 2015.

Here is that entire slideshare:

Here are more statistics from the year to year analysis between 20013 and 2014.

  • TOTAL Dollars Spent on Real Estate was UP 11% from last year (2013)
  • TOTAL Dollars Spent on Real Estate was over $173 Million
  • TOTAL number of PROPERTIES of all types sold is UP 10%
  • Dollars spent on HOMES is UP 6% to $145 Million
  • Number of HOMES sold is UP 7%
  • Dollars spent on WATERFRONT HOMES  is UP 4% to $80 Million
  • Dollars spent on LUXURY HOMES ($500,000+)  is UP 12% to $36 Million
  • Number of LUXURY HOMES sold is UP 12%
  • Dollars spent on WATERFRONT LOTS  is UP 75% to $5 Million
  • Dollars spent on FARMS is UP 78% to $12 Million
  • Conventional Financing is UP 13% to $75 Million
  • Conventional Financing LOANS is UP 10%
  • Cash Financing is UP 31% to $56 Million
  • Dollars spent on South Counties Real Estate is UP 10% to $60 Million
  • Grove Area Real Estate is UP 8% to $86 Million

Make sure to call Jeff for all of your real estate needs at (918) 791-1039 or visit his website at

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