Attractions & Things To Do at Grand Lake

The Fishing and Boating make the headlines, but there are a wide variety of attractions and fun things to do at Grand Lake.

More Than Just a Lake

The Grand Lake area is home to more than just lake activities with an amazing variety of attractions and museums that showcase history, hot-rods and so much more.

Of course, the Nationally recognized fishing and legendary boating at Grand Lake bring people to the area, but then it’s that discovery that there is so much more that brings people back.

It doesn’t matter if your planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or just a day trip, you can find something that you didn’t expect when you visit the Grand Lake area.

Certainly, the main attraction is beautiful Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee, with over 1,300 miles of shoreline impounded by the impressive Pensacola Dam.

Learn more about the Pensacola Dam and all the other great attractions and things to do below.

More Grand Lake Area Attractions:

Grand Lake Queen
Address 12500 US Highway 59 Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 964-6505
Categories: Attractions
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Monkey Island Winery and Cottages
Address 55800 E 273 RD Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 257-1166
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Zena Suri Alpacas
Address 35401 S 580 Rd Jay OK 74346 Phone: (804) 389-2579
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Golfing at Grand Lake

Shangri-La Golf Club Grand Lake

Golfing in the Grand Lake area is as popular as ever with a great mix of public and private courses to challenge any level of golfer.

Whether you are already a local, or someone who regularly comes to Grand Lake or someone who is looking for an Oklahoma golf getaway…you will find what you are looking for at Grand Lake.

All of the golf courses in the area are challenging but fair and they all offer a beautiful outing with their settings in Northeast Oklahoma.

From the 9-hole Grand Cherokee course located just below Pensacola Dam to the lakefront settings of The Coves, Shangri-La and Patricia Island to the rolling hills of Peoria Ridge…you can bet you’ll have a good time and be challenged.

And that’s what golf is all about…a little challenge and a little fun (maybe make a little cash in you good enough!).

I’ll look forward to seeing you on a Grand Lake golf course soon!

Find information on all of the Grand Lake area golf courses here:

Grand Cherokee Golf Course
Address N. 4475 Road Langley OK 74350 Phone: (918) 435-8727
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Peoria Ridge Golf Course
Address 10301 South 600 Road Miami OK 74354 Phone: (918) 542-7676
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Patricia Island Golf Club
Address 4980 Clubhouse Road Grove OK 74344 Phone: (866) 258-1768
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The Coves at Bird Island
Address 32922 Pebble Beach Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 782-3269
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