Discover Grand Lake’s Top Attractions

Welcome to Grand Lake, Oklahoma’s hidden gem where the excitement of fishing and boating reigns supreme, but where a world of unique attractions and unforgettable experiences await beyond the water’s edge.

sunrise over the Pensacola Dam
The Pensacola Dam impounds Grand Lake between the towns of Langley and Disney

More Than Just a Lake

That feeling when you stumble upon a delightful surprise?

Expect plenty of those here. Whether you’re charting out a family vacation, seeking the perfect spot for a romantic escapade, or just exploring on a spontaneous day out, Grand Lake promises experiences beyond your imagination.

Every visit is a chance to uncover something new, something magical.

While Grand Lake’s reputation for world-class fishing and unparalleled boating adventures is well-deserved, it’s the lesser-known charms that weave the complete story of this enchanting destination nestled in the foothills of The Ozarks.

You can delve into the past at local museums that shine a light on everything from the Cherokee legacy to the throwback experience of an old-time Ozark mountain village.

Discover the tales that shaped this land and its people, and how they’ve evolved into the bustling, vibrant community that welcomes you today.

The Majestic Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee

Indeed, at the heart of it all is the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee.

The lake isn’t just a sight to behold, but an emblem of nature’s grandeur and mankind’s ingenuity.

This sprawling beauty, boasting over 1,300 miles of meandering shoreline, is cradled by the mighty Pensacola Dam.

Pensacola Dam

The Pensacola Dam is a testament to human prowess.

Not only does it hold back the vast waters of Grand Lake, but it also stands as a symbol of the region’s development and progress.

Dive deeper into the history and significance of this impressive structure to learn about its true impact on Northeast Oklahoma by experiencing the dam yourself.

Stage Highway 28 runs over the Pensacola Dam between the towns of Langley and Disney as the anchor of the South Grand Lake area.

At the west end of the dam, in the Town of Langley, you will find the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) Ecosystem and Education Center, which is open to the public and offers a glimpse into both the history of the construction of the dam, the history of the valley, and the challenges in keeping the Grand Lake watershed vibrant and thriving well into the future.

And below the dam, you’ll find world-class off-roading and rock crawling, plus, in the winter months, unmatched eagle watching at GRDA’s Eagle Pass.

Looking for More?

There’s a world of discovery and memories waiting for you at Grand Lake.

The Town of Grove has much to offer as the commercial hub of the area, whether it is a historical step back in time at Har-Ber Village Museum or a walk through the meandering shady pathways featuring more than 1,200 different types of plants at 8-acre Lendownwood Gardens.

Or maybe something more geared for the kids, like the Bernice Nature Center or Oasis AnimalAdventure Park.

Whatever it is, let the waters of Grand Lake be just the starting point of your Grand Lake adventure.

And then dive into the wide variety of experiences that lie beyond, waiting to be explored, cherished, and remembered.

Welcome to Grand Lake – where every visit is a new adventure.

Featured Grand Lake Area Attractions

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