3 Reasons To Love Fall Boating At Grand Lake

If you just love being on the lake, you need to be sure to make the most of the fall boating season on Grand Lake.

Don’t get me wrong…we all love the fun summer season on Grand with hot days and warm nights, raft-outs and parties every weekend and all the time spent with family and friends who seem to only make it to the lake in the summertime.

But that’s why a whole bunch of us live here year round and choose to own a business at Grand Lake or retire to the area…so we can enjoy the lake all year long!

It doesn’t matter if you like to cruise around the lake in your runabout or spend the afternoon sailing or enjoy a day or night out in your cruiser…it’s the perfect time of year for everyone.

And if you were to ask most true ‘Grand Lakers’, they will tell you their favorite time of the year for boating on Grand Lake is the fall.

Why is that?

There are a few reasons. See if some of these appeal to you.

The lake is a lot less crowded in the fall

It’s true…there are many people who don’t come back to the lake once we hit the middle to end of August. And while that’s a shame for them…oh well, better for all of us. And safer!

Grand Lake OK boating

Fewer people means a more calm Grand Lake so there is less where and tear on your boat and less chance of a mishap.

Don’t forget that fewer people on the lake makes it that much better for water skiing, tubing, wake boarding and wake surfing. Sweet!

Plus…fewer people on the lake makes it a lot easier to get into and enjoy your favorite waterfront restaurant!

Warm days and warm water

Those sun filled days in the fall are plenty warm for a day on the lake, and actually feel really good after the heat and humidity of an Oklahoma summer.

And don’t worry about jumping in the lake either. After the hot days and warm nights of the summer, the Grand Lake water temperature stays comfortable well into October, making it ideal for swimming and skiing and tubing or whatever lake fun you want to have.

Mother Nature takes over

The magic of Mother Nature really seems to take over in the fall with great fishing, awesome bird watching and the beautiful fall colors taking over.

Fall Colors at Grand LakeFall sees the return of the pelicans to Grand Lake, highlighted by the annual Pelican Festival in Grove which includes boat rides to help you view pelicans out on the waters of Grand Lake.

Of course, if you already boat here…you don’t need those tours, you just need to go boating!

Fall also brings the American Bald Eagle back to Grand Lake. As you are out cruising, just keep an eye on the trees along the shoreline and who knows what you might see!

Of course, a little later in the season we get the beautiful fall colors. Each year is a little different and timing is everything, but with such a beautiful tree lined lake shore, Grand Lake is among the best places in the region for checking out the fall colors.

It all get’s back to things just happening at a little slower pace in the fall at Grand Lake.

The warm days and cool nights are a perfect time for an overnight anchor or to sit an enjoy the sounds of nature or even listen to your favorite football team on the radio.

All that said…I’ve got to go.

Time to get out there and enjoy a fall boat ride on Grand Lake!



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