Boating Tips – Do You Have The Correct Scope?

Rafting up on Grand Lake is fun, but setting the anchor to hold properly can be a challenge for the boater.

To help your anchor hold properly, it is important to have the correct scope – or the correct length of anchor line (or rode) to depth ratio.

Anchor “rode” is the term for what connects your anchor to your boat. It can be a line, a chain or a combination of both.

The “rode” or anchor line should be a minimum of 5:1 for calm conditions to 10:1 for severe conditions.

A scope of 7:1 is suitable for most situations, especially around Grand Lake.

To figure the length on Grand Lake (no tides), determined the depth of the water and the distance of your bow to the water. For example: 10’ of water depth with the bow 3’ above the water means 10+3=13 x 7 (scope) =91 feet of rode.

A short length of chain from the anchor to the rode or anchor line will help the horizontal pull of the anchor on the bottom.

After setting the anchor, pick out some reference points on land to check from time to time so you can tell if your anchor is dragging.

If so, it may be necessary to reset the anchor.

Boat Smart from the start and take a boating course. The United States Power Squadrons offers many courses such as weather, seamanship, navigation, marine mechanics and marine electronics. For more information contact Jim Sweeten, Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron, at 918.964,0849 or e-mail [email protected] Also visit our website at:

Grand Lake Oklahoma Boating safety


Photo Above – Rafting up, or anchoring out, is hugely popular at Grand Lake. Make sure your all set with the correct ‘rode’ and ‘scope’ for your anchoring needs before your next Grand Lake boating adventure.


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