Boating Tips – Taking On The Big Wakes

With the larger boats on Grand Lake, it is not uncommon to encounter large wakes and multiple waves when boating.

Always take wakes at an angle for better comfort. It may vary from 10 to 45 degrees depending on the wake’s size.

When encountering multiple large waves on the lake, there is a risk of running down the back side of one and burying the bow in the front side of the next one.

If it appears the bow will hit and possibly bury, immediately throttle back. If no action is taken, the boat could continue to submarine under the wave and be swamped.

A good rule is one hand on the steering wheel and one on the throttle.

Always be alert for wakes and remember when crossing a large boat’s wake, the further you are away from the boat, the less severe will be the wake.

Changing your course temporarily until passing the wakes can be more comfortable for your passengers and easier on your boat.

Boat Smart from the start and take a boating course. The United States Power Squadrons offers many courses such as weather, seamanship, navigation, marine mechanics and marine electronics. For more information contact Jim Sweeten, Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron, at 918.964,0849 or e-mail [email protected]. Also visit our website at:


Big Boats on Grand Lake



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