Boating Tips – Who Has The Right-Of-Way?

When two powerboats are on an intersecting course at Grand lake, as in crossing, the boat on starboard side (right) has the right of way.

It is called the stand-on vessel and the other is the give-way vessel and must alter course.

It is preferable whenever possible to alter the course to pass behind or astern the stand-on vessel.

An easy way to remember the rule is that the sidelights on a boat are red on the port (left) side and green on the starboard (right) side.

Think of these lights as traffic lights. When you see red you must alter your course as the give-way vessel. If you see green, you are the stand-on vessel and maintain your course.

Remember, it is every vessel’s responsibility to avoid a collision when you are out boating on Grand Lake.

If it becomes apparent the give-way vessel is not changing course to avoid a collision, the stand-on vessel should then change course and speed.

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