Looking to Buy a Boat at The Tulsa Boat Show?

Are you heading to Tulsa this week and looking to buy a boat at the Tulsa Boat Show?

Grand Lake will be, as always, well represented with all of the biggest Grand Lake boat dealers having a presence and looking forward to seeing you and making a deal.

Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • Wear Slip On Shoes! This is capitalized for a reason…do it. If you are going and are serious about looking at boats, nobody is going to be impressed with your boots or fancy shoes. Make it easier on yourself, and everyone else, and wear slipons!
  • Think there is a pretty good chance you will buy a boat? Expect to make a deposit! All the dealers take credit cards, so you don’t need to bring your checkbook like the old days, but if you come to a deal, you will be expected to make a deposit. So be ready.
  • If you’ve got a trade-in, have some good recent pictures and be ready to accurately describe the current condition of the boat. If this is misrepresented, it will cause problems with the numbers in your deal down the road.
  • Research the dealers – All of Grand Lake’s biggest boat dealers will be at the boat show. Research them, make sure you are comfortable with their service, because you will need it and will be working with them.
  • One last thing, and this goes against the big hoopla around ‘VIP Night’ or ‘Grand Lake Night’ (whatever you want to call it) on Monday, but if you are serious about boat shopping, go to the show during the week. Fewer people makes a better shopping experience for you and more one-to-one time with the dealers and sales men and women to find the perfect boat for you.

Also keep in mind that you won’t be taking your new boat home with you.

When you buy a boat at a boat show, you get the opportunity to have your boat custom finished at the factory before spring delivery.

So you can choose different features that you want or don’t want, etc. That’s a good thing.

The Tulsa Boat, Sport and Travel Show is THE showcase event of the year for Grand Lake boat dealers, giving you the perfect opportunity to see a wide variety of new model boats.

So make your plans and be ready to buy!


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