Tips For Winterizing Your Boat From GRDA

While the waters of Grand Lake, Lake Hudson and the W.R. Holway Reservoir can be inviting and scenic year-round, we realize it is getting closer to that time of year when some avid boaters are putting their vessels away for the upcoming winter months.

If that is your plan, here are a few tips for winterizing your boat to keep in mind, courtesy of the Grand River Dam Authority Police Department:

First of all, make sure it is cleaned. Remove all the stains and the dirt, give it a fresh coat of wax to help preserve it and also make sure the bilges are clean and completely dry. Next season, when you hit the water, you will be glad you took these extra steps.

Next, inspect everything. Check for damages to the propeller, to the wiring, the lights, etc. Are there any loose or broken pieces? Take care of that now, instead of letting them set all winter. While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to inspect your boat trailer as well.

It’s also important to maintain it. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations for winterization of the boat motor and vessel. This will likely mean replacing spark plugs, changing oil and filters, topping off fuel tanks and adding stabilizers, removing hoses and other details that will help protect this valuable asset until that grand day when you can get back out on the lake again.

Need help? Contact a Grand Lake marina or boat dealer for professional winterization work on your vessel.

Finally, protect it and secure it. Use a high quality cover that allows for some airflow but prevents UV rays from beating down on the boat’s surface. Also, make sure you have removed all the valuables from the boat and the dock. Motion activated lights and security cameras might be a good investment too, depending where you are storing your boat. Finally, it’s a good idea to photograph everything once it is buttoned up for the winter, so you have a record of how you left it.

Your friends at GRDA want you to enjoy your boat and your time on the water. Keep these tips in mind to help make that possible.

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