Checking On Your Boat In The Winter

Did you know…

Just winterizing your boat and forgetting about it for the winter season may not be wise.

Depending on how you store your boat certain precautions should be taken to protect it.

If the boat is stored inside a building, one should check to make sure that no vermin have found a new home for the winter by checking on it from time to time. Discovering that raccoons have moved in and torn the upholstery apart to make it comfy is not something you want to find in the spring.

If your boat is stored outside on a trailer or on jack stands, check to make sure the boat cover has not blown off, torn, or collapsed from the weight of water, ice, or snow. Again, remember to check for vermin from time to time.

If your boat is on a lift, it is especially important to check on it.

Storms with high winds and waves can shift your boat on the lift plus tear or blow off your boat cover.

Lifts can fail, putting your boat in the water, sometimes at weird angles depending on the cause. The weight of ice accumulated on your boat and lift can lower the lift.

Make sure your seacocks are closed and your engine is protected to avoid flooding and sinking your boat.

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