Did You Know – Safely Cross Large Wakes

Here is another Did You Know boating safety tip… how to safely cross large wakes.

A boater should always be alert and take appropriate action when approaching boat wakes.

Larger boats can produce 3 to 4 feet wakes that can be compounded from wind action on the water or by extra boat activity.

Striking an unnoticed wake or approaching it incorrectly can unseat people on the boat resulting in possible injury, dislodge items tossing them around and even damage your boat.

To stay safer and make the ride more comfortable for those on your boat, position it as far away as is safely possibly from the path of the other boat to minimize impact.

Then turn into the wake just before you reach it at about a 45 degree angle and reduce throttle.

Once you have crossed the wake turn back toward your original course and speed.

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