Faulty Electric Connections

Many boaters and fishermen have added equipment to their boats in the off-season requiring electrical connections for power.

Be sure the wiring is adequate to carry the load. Inadequate wiring and overloading of cables or outlets may cause overheating with the potential of fire.

A common error in small boats electrical systems is the use of wire too small to carry the current load. Too small a wire causes a voltage drop between the source and the load which can lead to poor performance of the equipment or damage and possibly overheating the wire.

The start of the season is also a good time to look for loose connections and corroded terminals that can add resistance to the electrical flow and build up heat.

If a wire, cable, or terminal connector feels hot to the touch it is a potential hazard and requires immediate attention. Avoid using fuses rated too high for the equipment. They can decrease overload protection with fire a possibility.

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Faulty wiring in boats

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