Snagging Spoonbill at Grand Lake is what Pritchard’s Guide Service is all about in the cold weather months.

Here are some tips from Rusty plus info on how you to can get hooked up with a big paddlefish.

In the winter months we troll 3 pounds of weight around 4.5mph. This cuts down a lot of the work!

This makes it possible for the young and old to be able to experience the thrill of catching a true river monster!

I came up with this trolling technique about 15 years ago and I’m seeing more and more people out in the winter months using this technique.

Fat spoonbills from Grand Lake

I believe if you want a chance at the really big fish (80+pounds), the winter months is the time to get this done.

My clients currently hold rod and reel records 1, 2, 4, and 5 on Grand Lake! All these fish were caught from December thru February.

Some of these fish the biologist came down to do samples on them and almost all of them were sterile.

These jumbo sized fish don’t spawn so they don’t exert any energy to run up the river to spawn so they lay out in the lake all year.

In the winter months we spend 99% of our time fishing the deeper waters of the lake where these jumbo fish are more likely to be.

We had 6 last season that went over that 80 pound mark with the biggest weighing in at 86 pounds! This fish was also caught while filming a tv show Fired Up Outdoors!

It shaping up to being a great season already this year!

We’ve boated somewhere around 150 spoonbill since December and we are shooting to beat our record season last year of over 1500 spoonbill boated from December thru April!

Also a great feature on my boat is my enclosed cockpit with heater! This warms things up about 20 degrees in my boat and makes them cold days tolerable!

If your on Facebook we are doing live feed so you can see us live everyday out there. We usually start the live feed up around 9am.

We are getting a huge response from this and we are really excited to use this throughout the season! If you would like to see the live feed give me a friend request under Rusty Pritchard.

If your looking for a guided trip you can give me a call at (918) 964-0174 and also checkout my website at!

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