37 Other Things To Do At The Tulsa Boat Show

It’s time once again for The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show at at the River Spirit Expo at Expo Square.

The 2015 show starts Monday, February 2nd and runs through Sunday, February 8th.

You can find the hours and ticket information and all the details at the boat show website: http://tulsaboatshow.com.

But a boat show isn’t just about buying boats. Sure, there are all sorts of boats there, and many fine folks who would love to sell you one.

And if your not in the market for a new boat…should you go? Sure you should!

2015 Tulsa Boat Show

As you may or may not know, Grand Lakers have latched on to the Tulsa Boat Show and kind of like to think it’s their own personal convention.

So this list of 37 Other Things to do at the boat show has a definite Grand Lake flair…but hey, this is a Grand Lake related website…so why not!

  1. Enter for a chance to WIN a boat
  2. Look at boats
  3. Buy a wake board – or a surf board
  4. See if you can put a wake board tower on the boat you have right now
  5. Buy an RV
  6. See the latest fishing gear
  7. Check out the newest personal water craft
  8. FREE BEER – Monday night only, while supplies last
  9. Get some new audio gear for your boat
  10. Learn about the GLOC Performance Boat Shootout coming to Grand Lake in July
  11. FREE FOOD – Monday night only, while supplies last
  12. Enter (and WIN!) a Coney Eating Contest
  13. Book a fishing trip with a guide
  14. Talk to some folks about taking a Canadian fishing trip
  15. Register to win an ATV
  16. Talk to a Grand Lake real estate agent
  17. Register to win CASH towards the purchase of an RV
  18. Get yourself a floating mat  – it’s like walking on water!
  19. Check out the cool floating bar…
  20. Register to win a FLOATING BAR!
  21. Get yourself a new boat lift
  22. Talk to someone from GRDA about whatever you need to know
  23. Get a storm shelter for your lake home
  24. Get some of those cool steps for your dock that make it super easy to get into and out of the lake
  25. Talk to an investment adviser, and then…
  26. Talk to someone about borrowing money to buy a boat, and then…
  27. Talk to someone about borrowing money to buy a house at Grand Lake
  28. Find places to stay at Grand Lake
  29. Explore muscle over motor with kayaks and paddleboards
  30. Buy a dock locker
  31. See about getting a new dock
  32. Ask around and see if there are any businesses or marinas for sale
  33. Make a tee-time
  34. Sign up for para-sailing
  35. Buy all sorts of new lake toys, including that new tube you know you need
  36. Check out the schedule of fishing tournaments on Grand Lake this year
  37. Be seen. Everyone wants to be seen. Don’t they?
  38. (Bonus!) Finally…spend time talking to a boat sales guy…it’s a loooonnnnggg week for those guys…


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