4 Things to Make The Most of Summer at Grand Lake

Well, it’s here…Memorial Day weekend and another fantastic summer at Grand Lake.

If you look at the local papers or follow different things on Facebook – oh, hey, Grand Lake Living is on Facebook! – you will no doubt find out about all sorts of things that you need to do.

Places to go, people to see, things that must not be missed.

But really, you can break it down to basics and really focus on four things to make the most of your Grand Lake summer. So here you go:

1. RIDE Something

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Boats – duh – big boats, little boats, sailboats…just go for a boat ride!
  • Personal Watercraft – nothing like a good ride on a personal watercraft at Grand Lake
  • Inflatables – hot dogs, tubes, Big Bertha…get out there and hang on!
  • Stand up paddle boards – new to the Grand Lake area, and it’s a really cool thing to do
  • 4-Wheelers and Off-Road Jeeps – days of fun below Pensacola Dam
  • Waves – wake skate, wake board, wake surf, waterski, trick ski – just ride the waves!

2. CATCH Something

What can you catch at Grand Lake?

  • Fish…crappie, catfish, bass and many more
  • Rays…but do it safely, too much sun is not a good thing
  • A show…live music abounds at Grand Lake during the summer months
  • A wave – refer back to riding something and ride the waves!
  • Birdies – yep, there is all sorts of great golfing in the Grand Lake area
  • A Fireworks show – there are plenty to choose from…


The Grand Lake area has so much to offer, both on the water and off the water. Here are just a few things you can explore at Grand Lake:

  • 1,300 miles of shoreline by boat
  • The history of Grand Lake and the region at Pensacola Dam with their dam tours and Har-Ber Village Museum
  • Antiques, flea markets and all of the great merchants in the Grand Lake area
  • The many great neighborhoods where you can find your Grand Lake dream home
  • The great Grand Lake restaurants, both on the water and off, that offer everything from fine dining to down home cooking.


This one you won’t find on many ‘Grand Lake Must Do’ lists, but it’s probably the most important.

  • Take in a Grand Lake sunrise or sunset
  • Spend the day with people you care about – friends and family are what make memories great
  • Read, on the deck, all day…with a nap worked in
  • On the dock, on the boat, on the deck…wherever…it’s OK to come to Grand Lake and just chill. By the way, a great product that makes chillin’ at Grand Lake so much better is a Floating Mat from floatingmats.com – made by Grand Lakers!

See, it’s really that simple.

Don’t let all those ads and marketing messages distract you.

Grand Lake is really all about four things – riding something, catching something, exploring and chilling.

You get those right and you are guaranteed to have a great Grand Lake summer.

Grand Lake summer boat ride
A Boat Ride is an important part of your Grand Lake summer…

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