It’s the big, unofficial blow-out end to summer, even though there is a LOT of great boating, fishing, and Grand Lake fun to be had throughout the fall months.

But still, it’s the last 3-day weekend and for a bunch of folks, it’s really the last time to spend much time at the lake until we get into 2022.

With that, I thought it would help to give you 7 things to think about doing this Labor Day Weekend at Grand Lake.

There are no right answers and no wrong answers, it’s all about how you love spending your lake time.

So choose wisely…

Party – Redneck Style

I know, this is a lazy take, but it sure seems to be a popular gig. Especially this coming weekend with the big Redneck Raftout Rock & Roll Extravaganza set for Saturday at Check-In Bay between Duck Creek and Ketchum.

They boast of the biggest sound system ever on the lake, so for those of you that like to go to these raftouts and try to impress, save it. Let the pro music folks do their thing and you do your best to enjoy the tunes. It’s rock and roll. And it will be loud.

Here’s the flyer for the event, and stay up to date on the latest info on Facebook at their event page HERE.

Redneck Raftout Grand Lake Labor Day 2021

Go Fishing

Since I’m mostly a sit on a dock and do a little vertical jigging for crappie type of guy, I figured I’d reach out to someone who knows a little more than me when it comes to chasing some Grand Lake fish on a holiday weekend.

With that, here’s Chance Davis from

As summer draws to an end and with Labor Day Weekend here, there is still plenty of time to get on the lake and take advantage of all the great fishing opportunities Grand Lake has to offer.

If you are looking to chase bass, you will want to get to the lake early for the best chance of catching numbers of good fish. This time of year can be tough for catching bass due to the hot water conditions, massive amounts of small bait in the water, and highly educated fish from being caught all year. It can be tough later in the day, fishing can be incredible first thing in the morning. 

You’re going to want to target flat, shallow points on the main lake, or around boat docks. Bass like to get up shallow and feed first thing in the morning.

Throwing topwater baits like a Zara Spook, buzzbait, or Whooper Plopper are my favorite ways to target these shallow feeding bass and you can catch both quality fish and quantity. 

If you’re looking for something a little less picky, you may want to chase crappie. Crappie fishing this time of year is amazing and Grand Lake is on fire right now!

Crappie seem to be in every brush pile in the entire lake. It is not unusual to catch over 100+ crappie on a trip. Although it is easy to catch a lot of fish quick, coming across keeper fish can be more of a challenge. 

When looking for keeper crappie, I like to stay close to the main river channel or creek channel. I have been catching good keeper fish in brush piles in the 15 foot and shallower depth range and under docks with the main channel going under them.

When I’m fishing for summertime crappie, a minnow is hard to beat. I just tie on a hook, place a small weight about a foot above the hook, put the minnow on the hook, and lower it down.

If the fish are not biting the minnow just sitting still, you might try making a short cast with the minnow and let it swing through the fish. This will oftentimes make the crappie chase the bait and get them to commit to the bait. 

Good luck to everyone fishing this weekend, I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Labor Day. For more fishing tips, make sure you go check out

If your looking to book a guided fishing trip, check out Davis Guide Service at or by phone at (918) 990-1040.


One of the Grand Lake’s best bets… all year long. Of course, you have to have a boat or access to a boat, but there is nothing like a relaxing cruise on Grand Lake.

Even on a big holiday weekend!

It’s true. Don’t worry about not having a ‘big enough’ boat – those boat sales guys have sure been trained up to sell you bigger, huh???.

It’s about knowing YOUR vessel, picking the right times of day, and especially paying attention when you are in the high traffic areas where the big girls like to let it rip.

You know, Shangri-La area, Duck Creek to the Drip, etc.

And on Saturday of this weekend, add the area from Duck Creek to Ketchum Cove into that mix as well with all of the boats that will be heading to the big raft out.

Be aware, slow down, know how to take on the big rollers in your rig, and, most of all – don’t spill your beverages!

(Oh, and this is probably a good spot to remind you to make sure that the kids, and anybody who wants one, is wearing a life-jacket).

Patriotic Grand Lake Sunrise

Sunrises & Sunsets

Oh yea… now this one might call for a little more dedication. Well, not the sunset part.

Sunsets are easy. Just stay awake and stay on the lake.

The challenge with the sunset cruise is that there are more people on the lake, so you really have to keep your head on a swivel.

And a lot of those people out on sunset cruises might not be as experienced for the low-light cruise back to the dock or the ramp.

But still, Grand Lake sunsets are awesome.

But for my money, not as fantastic as a Grand Lake sunrise on the water.

There is something just so peaceful and promising watching the new day dawn and the sunrise over Grand Lake.

Bonus points on this one, if you are so inclined…

After you enjoy your float and take in the sun coming up over the horizon and have knocked out that cup of coffee or peppermint tea – there will NOT be a better time of day for a nice ride on your wakeboard, or old school slalom ski, or any board of your choice.

And this time of year, the water is perfect. Trust me… Just Do It!

Sunrise wakeboarding


There really are a lot of cool things to do around Grand Lake that don’t necessarily involve being on the water.

From the awesome Har-Ber Village Museum in Grove to the Oasis Animal Adventure Park near Disney, there is something to check out for young and old.

Heck, don’t forget about all the off-road fun that happens every weekend all year long in Disney. Rock crawlers, jeepers, RZRs, and more can all be found down on the rocks having a big time.

Check out the Attractions page of the website HERE for more ideas. (And if you’ve got some places or ideas that should be included in that page – let me know!)

Spend, Spend, Spend!

How about that. I’m going to tell you to spend some money around here. The nerve!

This weekend will actually be the last weekend of the year for some of the on-the-water places. I think I saw that Sharky’s at Hammerhead will wrap-up their season on Monday afternoon/evening, although VIIP Pizza will stay open into the fall as usual.

But it’s been a trying season for a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops around the lake.

The big bugaboo has been finding and keeping good help. Not going to get into any kind of discussion about that, it’s just been hard for everyone.

That’s why Shangri-La basically moved the Eddy’s operations up to Doc’s and it’s also why a lot of places have really cut back their hours during the week.

Anyway, whether you find yourself doing some shopping in Grove or are out on the water looking for that perfect place on the water for a cold drink and good meal, you will find it.

Be patient, appreciate the effort of those trying to help you have a great weekend, and know that you spending a little of your hard-earned time and money at Grand Lake is appreciated by all.


You know, you don’t have to be going non-stop. Grand Lake is the perfect place to stop, drop, and chill and just take it all in.

Sit on the shore, the deck, or the dock. Stop, and just listen. It’s awesome.

Take a nap. Read a book. Do what you want.

Sure, on the holiday weekend there will be plenty of noise through the middle of the day with engines roaring and music blaring and all of that, but even in the middle of the day, there are little nuggets of the peace and quiet that us full-timers know and love.

And of course, there is plenty of quiet time during early and late. It’s awesome. Enjoy it.

Alright, there isn’t anything brand new above, but hopefully, this helps remind you of some things you want to do at the lake this Labor Day Weekend.

Or, maybe even better, reminds you of things you don’t want to do this holiday weekend.

Either way, have fun and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend at Grand Lake!

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