7 Ways Grand Lake Businesses Will Benefit From Bolt Fiber Optic

So you are a Grand Lake area business owner…and you know you should be fired up about the coming Bolt Fiber Optic for your business…but really wondering how is it going to benefit you?

If you are like most business owners right now around Grand Lake…it takes a while to get things done – emails load slowly and forget it if there is a large attachment; you don’t bother with back-ups because you know it will take forever; forget about video conferencing or webinars; and this whole notion of ‘paperless’ still sounds like some kind of made-up futuristic mirage that just isn’t realistic.

So how are you really supposed to get anything done.

You have enough headaches already running your business (employees!)….wouldn’t it be nice if your internet speed wasn’t one of them.

But things are beginning to change in the Grand Lake area, and that is great news not just for Grand Lake business owners, but for residents and visitors alike.

Faster internet speeds can help you save time, improve communications, give you access to real-time data, avoid missed opportunities and provide the best available WiFi to your workers and customers.

Think real time accounting and paperless real estate contracts and so much more.

Bolt Fiber Optic is bringing high speed fiber optic internet service to the Grand Lake area…and while we are all super excited to have up to 1 Gig to the home…it’s the business community that stands to gain the most.

Described by Bolt as the fastest internet on the planet….that’s got to be good for business.

And GREAT for Grand Lake!

Here are 7 ways Grand Lake businesses will directly benefit from the high speed internet offered by Bolt:

  1. Save time. Everyday tasks are done faster…every day. Think email, online marketing, social media management, file sharing, etc. How much time is wasted in your business waiting on your internet connection?
  2. Save money! See above…every business owner on the planet understands that time is money when it comes to running a business.
  3. Eliminate the slow internet problems. Emails don’t download. Back-ups get interrupted. Files don’t get transferred. Real-time reports just stop. It’s frustrating! But that stops being a problem.
  4. You can integrate cloud-based apps into your business. Think Freshbooks or Salesforce or GoToWebinar or whatever it might be for your business –  you must have reliable, fast internet to be able to use the apps that are designed to help you run your business.
  5. Quickly and efficiently manage your online marketing. Whether you realize it or not, the internet is your connection to your customers. And with the fastest internet on the planet you are better able to market to those customers and get the right message to your market at the right time.
  6. WiFi, WiFi, WiFi. Whether it’s for your employees or your customers, when you have more bandwidth and internet speed you can provide more direct, easy access to the internet than ever before. And I somewhere – not sure where – that in 2016 we will pass the threshold of their being more wireless devices connected to the internet than wired devices. Be ready for that and ahead of the game.
  7. Social Media – it was mentioned above, but Social Media is NOT just about selfies and cat pictures. The smartest business owners today (as well as massive corporations) incorporate daily social media marketing. This gets back to saving more time and making more money…you see, it all works together.

There is no doubt that Bolt Fiber Optic has the potential to radically transform the business community, and the economy, in the Grand Lake area.

It won’t happen overnight, and there will certainly be other social and economic factors that come into play.

But one thing is certain….for the smart and connected business owner, owning a businesses in the Grand Lake area is about to get much, much better.

To learn more about Bolt Fiber Optic and the timeline for services in your part of the Grand Lake area, visit their website at http://www.boltfiber.com/.

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