Adopt the Shoreline Program at Grand Lake Set to Begin

Last year, several entities, including the Grand River Dam Authority, Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron and various grand lake stakeholders came together to develop the Adopt the Shoreline Program for Grand Lake.

Now, in the spring of 2018, their coordinated effort is set to begin and will bring a new commitment to shoreline preservation and protection along miles and miles of the lake’s scenic shoreline.

“Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri, has had a successful program like this in place for quite some time,” said GRDA Superintendent of Shoreline Enforcement Scott Horton. “We reviewed their program and are expecting similar results around Grand. We have a great organization in place.”

According to Horton, GRDA realized the real need for an ongoing shoreline cleanup initiative after routine aerial surveys of Grand Lake.

While the “Lend A Hand For Lady Grand” program has been successful for many years, this new effort is expected to expand both the reach and volunteer base for cleanup efforts.

Horton said the Lend a Hand for Lady Grand program will continue to take place annually in addition to the Adopt the Shoreline Program.

The program works like this: the shoreline is divided into 10 “zones”, with a coordinator for each zone.

That coordinator organizes volunteers who work together at set times to clean up their specific zone.

GRDA will support the effort by supplying trash bags and will also be paying the disposal costs for all approved program cleanup events.

At the same time, GRDA has also staffed its own full-time shoreline cleanup crew, complete with a barge and the necessary equipment to remove large debris form the lake shore.

The program will be highlighted by large cleanup events in April and August of each year, although each zone will be able to do their own cleanup efforts at other times as well. 

“The goal is to not only to preserve the beauty of this scenic shoreline but also to keep it safe for all visitors,” said Horton. “We appreciate our coordinating committee and all our volunteers for their commitment to this effort.”

Of course, there is always room for more help.

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about the effort, you can visit the program’s website at, and select the “how to join” tab.

You can also contact Horton at (918) 256-0894 for more information.


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