It Could Have Been a Lot Worse – Fire at Arrowhead

Duck Creek marina fire

*Updated Jan 28, 2024 at 9:00 am

And now, on Saturday, January 27th, Arrowhead Yacht Club itself has burned. There were no injuries and no reported cause of the fire, but the club is a total loss at this point.

Here is an email sent out to club members and subscribers from Joe Harwood on Saturday night:


We are completely devastated. First and foremost, no one was on the property at AYC when the fire started. We are so thankful that no one was injured. Arrowhead Yacht Club caught fire late this afternoon and unfortunately, it is a complete loss. All of the boats in the marina are fine, the only thing affected was the restaurant. However, we are fortunate that we have Cherokee in operation and will continue to remain open to serve our members. At this time, we are unaware of the cause of the fire. Please do not come to the property, so we can allow the investigation to take place. We appreciate all of your thoughts, concerns, and prayers during this time.


*Updated Jan 18, 2024 at 12:53 pm

There was a large fire this morning, January 18th, at Arrowhead Yacht Club and Marina in Duck Creek.

From what I’m gathering, 3 boats burned, but images indicate that fast-acting responders were able to get those boats pushed out of the marina before the entire dock became engulfed in flames.

A second-hand account has told me that the Arrowhead Service team went in for the daily meeting at 8 am and all was well.

When they came back out at 8:15, there was a fire and they jumped into action, with several Arrowhead service guys getting on the dock to cut dock lines and try to at least get the boats loose from the dock.

Other responders quickly on the scene included Ketchum Fire, Monkey Island Fire, Cleora Fire, Lakemont Fire, GRDA, and EMSA.

Boats were quickly towed away from the dock and marina where they were allowed to mostly burn themselves out.

Quick action by all saved the day as this could have been a much bigger problem.

If this had happened 2-hours earlier or at a marina that did not have staff on scene, it would have been a much bigger loss of property.

I’ll update this post when there is an official release from GRDA with more info…

Gallery of Boat Fire Pictures

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  1. Jim Carton Avatar
    Jim Carton

    Thank you to whoever responded so quickly to get the boats out of the marina

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