Bolt Fiber Optic Goes Live At Grand Lake

Bolt Fiber Optic Services is deploying a 3,200 mile fiber to the home network in northeast Oklahoma.

Rural America has suffered the effects of being left behind in technology for many years. Bolt set out on a mission to change that by offering the fastest internet in the nation to rural communities.

Bolt has been recognized by many industry leaders as the visionary and passionate pioneers of rural broadband.

They have embarked on a project that no other company past or present has taken on and they are doing it right here, right now in northeast Oklahoma.

Bolt has designed the network in a ring topology for redundancy and leased space in the Core Data Center owned by Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative to house their state of the art video headend, voice softswitch, gigabit network routers and other equipment.

Core was designed to withstand an EF5 tornado, has rigid multi-layer security, exceptional redundancy including, three layers of backup power and connection to Tier 1 internet service providers with access to Tulsa and Kansas City.

“We know that our customers have very high expectations regarding our services, we have heard reliability is key. Being in this data center will give us the access to the dependable and reliable services we need to deliver our triple play network. Having our network secure from outside sources and seeing the detail that went into the design of the Core Data Center facility was satisfying to the expectations we had set for our network,” explained Sheila Allgood, Bolt Manager.

To date, over 600 miles of fiber has been deployed in the Grand Lake area, mainly in Ottawa and Delaware counties.

Bolt tested their services April through June 2015 with approximately 70 customers.

Weekly meetings were held to hear feedback and input on the performance of the services.

On June 16th they went “live” and today they have over 1,700 drops installed to homes and 350 customers receiving fiber optic services in the Grand Lake area.

“Getting customers connected and receiving services is our priority,” stated Allgood. “We have had an enormous response to our fiber to the home project and the success is appreciated. We know customers are tired of waiting for service, we understand that we were too optimistic on our timeline in the early onset of the project. We apologize for the delays and the inconveniences caused. We want you connected just as bad as you want connected. The number of contractors installing drops to the homes and splicing the fiber has been increased and we are turning up more and more customers every day.”canva

Keeping customers informed is of the utmost importance to the Bolt mission.

Bolt is in the process of designing a new website and will launch it in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, they will be updating the current website with maps that are color coded based on an areas’ stage of fiber installation, drop installation or the home service installs being performed.

“The maps will be updated weekly based on where construction crews are moving,” Roy Green, Supervisor of Office Services and Business Development, explained.

“Our communities have offered overwhelming support of Bolt and we are thankful that we made the right decision to invest in the best services available in the world, right here in the best place to live in the world”, Sheila Allgood said in closing.

For more information or to request services, please call (844) 256-4658 and make sure to visit Bolt on the web at

The above information was distributed by Bolt Fiber Optic Services in an August 2015 press release. is not associated with Bolt Fiber Optic Services.

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