Fireworks is BIG Business at Grand Lake

It’s that time of year at Grand Lake. Yep, you guessed it…Fireworks season!

There is no doubt that Grand Lake is the best place in Oklahoma to enjoy fireworks, whether you are out on the water taking in one of the big shows or just shooting some stuff off in your driveway or yard.

But the amount of money spent on fireworks at Grand Lake every year is just insane.

Just based on the 3 donation driven fireworks shows – Duck Creek, Grand Lake Fireworks in Disney, and Monkey Island – there is close to $150,000 donated to the fireworks shows.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money. For fireworks.

That doesn’t include the many municipal fireworks shows either…Grove, Miami, Vinita, Jay, etc.

Fireworks Money at Grand Lake
Fireworks is big, big business at Grand Lake…

Don’t get me wrong…I love a good celebration as much as the next guy…but that just seems like a whole lot of cash burning up in the sky.

And you will likely catch me taking in at least a couple of the big shows, although ever since my first big Grand Lake fireworks show – it would have been Duck Creek 15 or 20 years ago – I haven’t really seen anything that blows me away (pun intended).

Some oohs and aahhs, then a few days of everyone comparing shows and proudly displaying their fireworks show the BEST ONE EVER. I MEAN EVER.

Anyway, back to the point…

That $150,000 doesn’t even take into account the amount that is spent at local fireworks stands that can be found at basically any and every intersection around Grand Lake for the 2 weeks leading up to the actual July 4th holiday.

You don’t think all those stands are there just because it’s the 4th of July do you?

Heck no. Those people are making money themselves. And, I think, a lot of it.

At least some of the revenue at various fireworks stands go towards a supposedly good cause…maybe it’s the local cheerleaders or a youth group or something. Who knows. It’s a ‘good’ cause to someone.

But a bunch of them are a strictly ‘for profit’ operation. And who can blame them.

Anyway, this past weekend, it already started – a full 2 weeks before the actual 4th of July holiday.

Booms, fountains and displays could be seen all over the lake.

Sunday night, in the neighborhood…BOOM, POW, POP! Folks were eagerly celebrating June 22nd!

So, yes, I think the amount of money spent on fireworks at Grand Lake every year is absolutely nuts.

But I also thank each and every one of you that donates to the big shows and spends money at the local fireworks stands, because that just keeps our little Grand Lake economic engine rolling along.

And make sure to check out the schedule for this year’s big fireworks shows at Grand Lake at




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