Grand Lake Adopt-The-Shoreline Program

Program webpage now active…

GRDA, lake-area partners launch “Adopt the Shoreline” Program

Thanks to the efforts of lake-area volunteers and business partners, the Grand River Dam Authority is set to launch its new “Adopt the Shoreline” program.

The program’s new webpage — — went live earlier this week.

GRDA worked with an advisory board consisting of various stakeholders on Grand Lake to establish the program which is focused on removing trash and debris from the shoreline.

Participants will be involved in that effort by “adopting” sections of the shoreline and conducting cleanup efforts on routine basis. GRDA will assist by providing resources necessary to those efforts.

“We’re very excited to be able to roll it out to the lake communities now,” said GRDA Superintendent of Shoreline Enforcement Scott Horton. “We’re looking forward to working with our volunteer groups and hope the public will visit the new webpage.” Grand Lake Adopt-The-Shoreline

The webpage will be a place for the public to learn more about the program and also sign up to participate. A list of the program’s supporting partners and information on the program’s advisory board can also be found on the page.

Patterned after a similar program on Lake of the Ozarks, GRDA’s program will actually divide Grand Lake’s shoreline into 10 zones (the zone map can also be found on the webpage).

Each zone will have a coordinator that will be in charge of establishing the volunteer team and organizing cleanup efforts.

GRDA will supply trash bags for the effort and will also be paying the disposal costs for all approved cleanups.

Horton added that GRDA is also staffing its own full-time shoreline cleanup crew, complete with a barge and the equipment necessary to remove large debris from the shore.

“GRDA wants to continue to safeguard the ecosystem and enhance the quality of life for all those who use Grand Lake,” said Horton. “We’re going to do our part and look forward to working with all the program volunteers as well.”

Horton added that the “Lend A Hand For Lady Grand’ program has already been successful for many years due to lake-area volunteers and this new program will continue on with that effort, while working to expand both the reach and volunteer base for cleanup efforts.

Adopt The Shoreline Mission Statement

The mission of the Adopt-the-Shoreline program is to provide a leadership role with the various stakeholders on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees to remove litter and debris from the shoreline, thus safeguarding the ecosystem and enhancing the quality of life for all.

Objectives of Adopt The Shoreline Program

  • Solicit businesses, organizations, and individuals for shoreline adoption.
  • Coordinate the annual spring and fall cleanup efforts.
  • Annually recognize volunteers for their dedication and commitment to the program.
  • Coordinate efforts with other organizations on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees having similar objectives.
  • Foster an atmosphere of ownership among the stakeholders and visitors at Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, in the success of the program.

For more information on the program, prospective volunteers can email GRDA at [email protected].

Headquartered in Vinita, GRDA is Oklahoma’s state-owned electric utility; fully funded by revenues from electric and water sales instead of taxes. Each day, GRDA strives to be an “Oklahoma agency of excellence” by focusing on the 5 E’s: electricity, economic development, environmental stewardship, employees and efficiency.


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