Grand Lake Is For Lovers

If you are a lover of the lake life, or of fishing, boating, chillin’, partying, 4-wheeling, or so much more, then you already know that Grand Lake is for lovers.

But it’s also a perfect Oklahoma Valentines Day getaway for you and your Valentine. And be honest, you know it snuck up on you again.

So, if you are once again going to be running around as ‘last minute Charlie’ – or Charlotte – here are a few things you might think about to show your Valentine how much you care.

The obvious choices:

  • Flowers and chocolate are always a hit. By the way, chocolate covered strawberries are the world’s perfect food.
  • A romantic getaway, complete with your own private cabin and hot tub, to a resort in the Grand Lake area.
  • Romantic dinners are always a hit…especially at one of Grand Lake’s finest restaurants.
  • Movies, casinos, live music, dancing…all can make your Valentine feel special.

But, you know all that stuff, right?

Maybe you are someone who still chooses to live and work in the big city, but you do have a second home at Grand Lake.

Why not surprise your Valentine with an unscheduled visit to the lake home, complete with a quiet romantic dinner for two.

If you’ve got a little cooking soul in you, your Valentine will love the surprise, made with love homemade dinner and to spend a quiet night at your lake getaway – real important on this one…leave the kids with grandparents, or friends or baby sitters!

If you are not quite that fancy in the kitchen, with a little notice any of the fine Grand Lake restaurants would be happy to put together a little ‘dinner for two’ package. Just make sure you let them know before hand.

And, stunner of all stunners, it’s looking to be a pretty nice weekend. I’ve heard two of the ‘S’ words mentioned…sun and sixty.

So turn it into a Valentine’s weekend, and spend some time doing the things you love at Grand Lake…like boating, fishing, chillin’…or just being with your Valentine.

Fine Dining at Grand Lake
A romantic dinner is always a great choice. Photo courtesy of The Artichoke at Grand Lake


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