GRDA and Grand Lake Partners Announce Adopt The Shoreline Program

A Grand Lake ‘Adopt The Shoreline’ program has been announce by GRDA and several Grand Lake partners.

A new initiative, intended to protect and preserve the scenic beauty of the Grand Lake shoreline, will soon make its debut along the water’s edge.

The “Adopt The Shoreline” program is the result of a coordinated effort among the Grand River Dam Authority, Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron, Grand Lake Association, “Grow With Grove” Steering Committee and community volunteers.

Currently in the final phases of organization, the program will utilize lake-area volunteers in ongoing efforts to maintain the scenic shoreline of Grand Lake.

“This is patterned after a very successful program they already have in place on Lake of the Ozarks,” said GRDA Superintendent of Shoreline Enforcement Scott Horton. “We’ve had the opportunity to review that program and are excited to bring something similar to Grand.”

According to Horton, GRDA realized the real need for an ongoing shoreline cleanup initiative after routine aerial surveys of Grand Lake. While the “Lend A Hand For Lady Grand” program has been successful for many years, this new effort is expected to expand both the reach and volunteer base for cleanup efforts.

“The goal is to divide the shoreline into 10 zones,” said Horton. “There will be a coordinator for each zone and they will organize their volunteer team to clean up their adopted shoreline areas.”

GRDA will supply trash bags for the effort and will also be paying the disposal costs for all approved “Adopt A Shoreline” cleanups. The Authority will also be staffing its own full-time shoreline cleanup crew, complete with a barge and the equipment necessary to remove large debris from the shore. Horton said the effort will be highlighted by large cleanup events in the fall and again in the spring.

To support the program, GRDA is currently developing a special “Adopt A Shoreline” website that is expected to launch later this summer (more info will be available soon).

“I’m very excited about this program. I think it will be a tremendous benefit to the lake area and will allow us to preserve the beauty of the Grand shoreline,” said Horton.

Grand Lake adopt the shoreline program


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