Making Sure You Know What’s Up With Your Dock

Perhaps you have seen the question in a Grand River Dam Authority advertisement or on a sign at a boat show this past winter: What’s Up With Your Dock?

It is a simple question, but one that is actually intended to lead to a few more questions.

And these questions are designed to make sure you have done everything you need to make sure your dock is legal and safe.

1)     Is your dock properly permitted?

2)     Do you have your dock sticker properly posted on the dock?

3)     Have you had it electrically inspected?

These are all important questions for dock owners around the shores of Grand and Hudson lakes, especially those who may be planning to sell a dock with lake property.

That is because you must have a properly permitted dock to help make the property transition process a smooth one.

With thousands of private docks around the shores of Grand and Hudson, as well as thousands of property owners, this transition process takes place a lot.

With boating season under way, many are turning their attention to those docks, and dock issues, in anticipation of days spent on and near the water, swimming, fishing, sailing, skiing or just relaxing.

GRDA wants to help make those experiences good ones for lake visitors and residents and that’s why we ask the question: What’s Up With Your Dock?

If you need some assistance in getting that answer, contact Janet DelliSanti in GRDA’s lake permitting offices at (918) 256 0852 or stop by the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley.

Stewardship of the natural resources under its control, as well as support for the recreational industry around the shores of Grand and Hudson lakes, are central to the GRDA mission.

Working with lake area dock owners is one way GRDA fulfills this important part of its mission.

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