Submersible Pumps And GRDA Rules Updates

The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department is reminding lake area residents that new lake rules — as well some changes to lake-related permit applications — which went into effect earlier this year, are available for review online.

The permit applications can be found by HERE or by clicking on the Lake/River drop down menu, then the “Permits” tab on

GRDA’s lake rules can be found HERE or by clicking on the “GRDA Police” tab on the same drop down menu.

One of the most notable new rules in effect applies to the future use of submersible pumps in lake waters.

Many lakefront homes around Grand Lake rely on pumped water for irrigation and other reasons.

The following points relate to this new rule:

  • All new domestic raw water permits issued by GRDA will require above-water pumps and an inspection by a licensed Oklahoma electrical contractor.
  • An existing submersible pump that is not properly permitted must be replaced with an above water pump and will require an inspection by a licensed Oklahoma electrical contractor.
  • To transfer a properly permitted submersible pump, the submersible pump must pass an inspection by a licensed Oklahoma electrical contractor to remain in place.

According to GRDA, the new rule grew out of potential safety hazards surrounding faulty electrical systems on docks.

The unfortunate truth is that a faulty dock electric system can be very dangerous, and may even prove fatal, for those in the water near the docks or those in contact with the dock.

System defects can cause electric current to be discharged into the water or the metal components of the dock.

That is why GRDA-issued dock permits require you to have your dock inspected by a licensed professional electrician.

Removing faulty submersible pumps from the water is another step intended to help keep lake users safe.

Permit standards also require docks to have an electrical disconnect clearly identified and located above the high water mark.

Also, any residential dock that has electrical service must adhere to the regulations set forth in the National Electric Code.

Finally, any docks constructed or modified, relocated or transferred, are required to provide GRDA with a certificate signed by an Oklahoma licensed electric contractor, showing compliance with all laws, regulations and codes regarding electrical systems and wiring.

While these standards are in place for new and modified docks, GRDA encourages all dock owners to have a regular inspection of their docks, due to the simple wear and tear and weathering that occurs over the years.

For more information on dock permits or other GRDA lake permitting issues, contact Janet DelliSanti in GRDA’s lake permitting offices at (918) 256-0852 or stop by the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley.

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