Why Floating Mats For Your Grand Lake Fun?

No set up. Nothing to put together. Just get to Grand Lake and roll your floating mat from FloatingMats.com out on the water and you are all set.

That’s all there is to it. And the best part is that FloatingMats is owned and operated by Grand Lakers.

These floating mats are perfect for relaxing on the water during the Grand Lake summertime, but are also sturdy enough for the kids to run and jump and carry on as only kids and the young at heart can do at Grand Lake. There has even been some big time dancing on floating mats during any number of great Grand Lake raft-ups that occur during the summer.

So, what are they and why should you get your mat from FloatingMats.com?

FloatingMats are a buoyant, high quality foam, portable mat that lets you rest, play, or just do whatever when you are at the lake.

They are the perfect water accessory for all ages at Grand Lake, and you see them everywhere around Grand Lake…from Party Cove to Dripping Springs to Woodard Hollow and all points between and beyond.

And when your day on the lake is done you just roll up the mat and store it until next time. All done.

Floating Mats For Lake
On the water fun for all ages at Grand Lake. Photo courtesy of floatingmats.com

This is about making the most of your Grand Lake time and the reality is that most of your time at Grand Lake is spent on a dock or at a raft-up with friends.

And if you haven’t noticed, kids especially…once the boat stops or you are back at the dock…are ready to jump back in the lake for more swimming and carrying on.

Floating mats from FloatingMats.com are perfect for having the most fun possible in a comfortable way. Even the dogs love them!

FloatingMats also feature a proprietary grommet system so you can easily control where your mat is and it’s also super easy to attach multiple mats together to make a big ol’ floating island for friends and family.

Floating Mats from FloatingMats.com are the highest quality foam mat product available for your lake and summertime fun, and are softer and less abrasive than other products on the market.

So, support a Grand Lake business and order your FloatingMat today.

To find out more and either find a dealer or order your mat today, just visit their website at http://floatingmats.com/ or find them on Facebook.




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