7 Great Reasons To Own A Condo At Spinnaker Point

Have you been thinking about buying a condo at Grand Lake?

A condo is a great way to have the awesomeness that is owning a place at Grand Lake combined with the lack of hassle involved with taking care of a place.

Well if you have been thinking about it owning a place at Grand then you owe it to yourself to check out Spinnaker Point.

Spinnaker Point is an established development centrally located near all the excitement that Grand Lake has to offer.

What makes Spinnaker Point great? Lot’s of things…like…

  • No yard to take care of -> OK…image this…it’s Memorial Day weekend…you’ve been waiting for months to get back to the lake…sure you’ve got a yard guy, but you pull up and see nothing but work that needs to be done. Now you have 2 choices…spend the weekend doing it yourself (that’s not what you’ve been looking forward to, is it?) or scratching another check to your yard guy to do all this extra work. I know this is what happens. I see me neighbors do it all the time…
  • It’s in Duck Creek. And not just that it’s located in Duck Creek, but Spinnaker Point is located near the mouth of Duck Creek…so there isn’t any of this 20 minutes of idling your cruiser out of Duck Creek before you can open it up.
  • Sense of community in an appealing neighborhood…Spinnaker Point is one of Grand Lake’s most appealing neighborhoods…embrace it…
  • Maintenance free lake living! There is someone always available to take care of the maintenance stuff that you don’t want to take care of. You just want to go the lake. We don’t blame you.
  • It looks good! Yep, Spinnaker Point is a very well maintained development that makes you feel at home every time you pull in.
  • Awesome boat dock on the property. It’s true…Spinnaker Point has it’s own private marina with boat slips reserved just for condo owners. It is so easy to just get on your boat and go when you own a condo at Spinnaker Point and keep your boat in the private marina.
  • All the other amenities…heated pool, clubhouse, summer entertainment, gated security, on-site property management…the list goes on…

There really is no better option for owning real estate at Grand Lake if you aren’t going to live here full time than owning a condo, and Spinnaker Point is one of the finest developments on the lake.

To truly enjoy the lake, you just want to roll in, grab your cooler out of the back, and start having fun.

And with a condo at Spinnaker Point, that’s never been easier!

Learn more at http://spinnakerpoint.org/.

Or, CONTACT ROB STEINKIRCHNER (On-site Manager and Licensed Realtor) to schedule a viewing appointment or to answer any questions – (cell) 918-694-9862, (office) 918-782-2169 or (home) 918-782-9054.

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