Don’t Forget The Dock When Buying Lakefront Property

When buying lakefront real estate at Grand Lake, don’t forget that you must apply for a new dock permit from GRDA to transfer dock ownership.

In fact, even before your real estate deal closes, it is necessary to apply for a Temporary Transfer of Private Dock Permit. You can find that permit on the GRDA website HERE.

Over the years, GRDA has said that one of the the biggest problems they see on an ongoing basis is people buying real estate but not transferring the dock.

As part of that process, you need to make sure 2 things are in place:

  • Check and make sure dock fees are paid and current. If they are not, and you now own the real estate, you are responsible for any past due fees.
  • Must have an electric inspection

Usually, when an existing dock is in place, you won’t need a new survey, as long as an old survey clearly shows the GRDA taking line or the legal description of the previous owner’s deed of conveyance uses the GRDA taking line as a point of reference.

But keep in mind that GRDA does reserve the right to require a new survey if it feels it is justified by the circumstances.

You can find the dock permit and the current safety and construction standards for new and existing residential docks HERE.

Additionally, if your new property also draws water from Grand Lake, whether for irrigation or any use, then the water permit must also be transferred with the change of ownership of the property.

The application for the water permit can be found on the GRDA website HERE.

For both your dock and your water pump, it will be necessary to get an electric inspection and have the Electrical Certification Form filled out by a licensed Oklahoma electrician. (Form is HERE)

Visit the Grand Lake Contractors Page to find an electrician, or any kind of contractor you need for your dock or Grand Lake property.

And do you know how to make all of this super simple and easy?

Work with a trusted Grand Lake real estate professional, and you can find one by clicking this link: The Ultimate Guide To Grand Lake Real Estate

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