Is Fall The Best Time To Buy A Lake Home At Grand Lake?

For those of us who know… Grand Lake is a great place to be in the fall.

And, maybe, just maybe, it’s the best time to be looking for and to buy your first, or next, Grand Lake home.

The combination of beautiful weather and fewer people make it great time to be on the lake exploring and looking for that perfect Grand Lake property.

And I didn’t just make that up!

“Fall is a great time to be on Grand Lake looking at the property because of the weather. The cooler temperatures make it more pleasant to be out in the boat touring the shoreline for those For Sale signs.”

Victoria Perry, The Perry Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake

But just because it’s a beautiful time of year to be on the lake, that doesn’t – by itself – make the fall the best time to buy.

There are other factors at play as well.

Less Competition

With a combination of generally fewer buyers out looking in the fall but still a strong supply of listings from the spring and summer months, that makes it a great time for you to be actively looking for that dream lakefront home. 

Less competition from other buyers in the market means that sellers will take more time considering your offer, of course depending on their level of motivation.

Along those same lines, homes at Grand Lake are generally easier to show in the fall because the owners get busy again with life. Oh, and it’s not as hot!

“Football and back to school activities do interfere with folks coming to the lake in the fall to use their places so most of the time homes are easier to show on the weekends.  Also while showing properties in the fall the homes, and the outside temperatures, are much cooler.”

Diana Riley Patterson, McGraw Realtors

Sellers Are More Serious

Generally speaking, those homes around Grand Lake that are listed through the fall and winter months have more motivated sellers behind them, and it becomes a great time for all parties to make a deal.

Typically, those homes have been listed since the spring or early summer and if the sellers are serious about moving on, they are much more likely to consider your offer.

It’s important to note that while conventional wisdom holds that some sellers will drop their list price in the fall, that is not necessarily true. As with so many things in life, it depends.

But, don’t count on it.

One more thing… the holidays and the end of the year are benchmarks for people, and those sellers that are serious about getting their home sold, for whatever reason, will become more and more motivated as it gets closer to the holidays.

More Attention From Agents

It’s true.

In the busy spring and summer seasons around Grand Lake… everybody is busy, including the real estate agents.

But as things ‘slow’ down in the fall, with fewer people around on the weekends and the more relaxed lake-life settling in, your real estate agent or broker has more time to focus on you and your needs and expectations for your new lake home.

“We do see an increase in activity in October and November when we have more serious buyers looking to make their purchase and get it closed before the end of the year.  These buyers are so excited and very fun to work with!”

Victoria Perry, The Perry Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake

And, finally, maybe something you haven’t thought about…

You Have Time To Get Ready For Next Year

Whether you are buying a home that is “lake-ready” or something that needs some work done… when you buy in the fall, you give yourself time before the busy summer lake-fun season comes back around.

The fall and winter months are a great time to coordinate with a Grand Lake area contractor to get some work done.

Additionally, you might want to re-outfit your new lake home with your own decor and lake motif and this gives you plenty of time to do that.

There are lots of great places locally and online where you can find really cool lake-related furnishings and fixtures to give your new home that perfect touch.

Ultimately, according to Victoria, the Grand Lake real estate market is very “weather-driven”.

If the weather stays nice through the end of the year, then it’s a great time for you as a buyer (and you sellers) to make a deal.

Go HERE to find out more information on Real Estate at Grand Lake, and you will be well on your way to some Grand Lake Living!

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