Tips on Selling Your Grand Lake Waterfront Home

When it comes time to think about selling your Grand Lake waterfront home, the important thing to remember is that you aren’t just selling a home…you are selling the GRAND LAKE experience!

Buyers can always remodel a home, update with new finishings, etc…but what they can’t do is change your unique Grand Lake location and experience.

And that’s the key…every Grand Lake waterfront home is a bit different in location and appeal. So make sure you emphasize what makes your specific Grand Lake location special to potential buyers.

The Grand Lake Lifestyle
Your not just selling a Grand Lake home, you are selling the Grand Lake lifestyle and experience!

Also remember that the experience that each buyer is looking for is different…some want that gradual waterfront to watch the Grandkids swim…others want that perfect fishing place…others want the views that paint a new picture every single day.

For that reason, you really must define what the Grand Lake experience is from your property, keeping in mind that it won’t be for every buyer out there.

But that’s good, because you can focus on those buyers in the market who are looking for the experience that your property offers. And that saves you time and the time of buyers who are looking for a different experience than what your property offers.

So that’s what your really selling…Grand Lake, the Grand Lake experience from your property, your Grand Lake views and lifestyle.

Now, in terms of tips for selling your Grand Lake home, there are of course the common house selling tips: 

  • Remove personal items, photographs, etc.
  • Get rid of clutter and extra furniture (the more open space, the better)
  • Make sure your yard is well maintained and your curb appeal is attractive to fist time visitors

But more specifically to Grand Lake waterfront homes, it’s necessary to go even a bit further and, again, emphasize the lifestyle.

  • Stage your shoreline and lakeside yard with Grand Lake lifestyle items…fishing stuff, lifejackets, outdoor living areas, your grilling area. Help your potential buyer define in their own mind what the Grand Lake lifestyle is like from your property.
  • Lake visibility – Serious lakefront buyers will immediately walk to where they can see Grand Lake. Help define this for them…let them walk right to the best views in the house…and make sure your windows and slider doors are spotless!
  • Dock & Deck – Make sure there is a defined and safe path to your shoreline and dock. Serious buyers will want to go there! And make sure there are no loose boards or safety issues on your dock, walkway, stairs or deck.
  • Shoreline Curb Appeal – Make sure your shoreline is free of debris! This is huge…potential buyers do not want to see the foam and limbs that all lakefront properties attract at one time or another.
  • A Quick Boat Ride – Do you have a boat in your dock? There is NO BETTER WAY to emphasize the lifestyle than by being able to get buyers out on the water quickly!
  • Share Your Grand Lake Experience – Finally, share with your potential buyers your experience and what makes your property special to you. The neighborhood, your neighbors and friends, the Grand Lake views, the great fishing from your dock, your favorite things to do on the lake…all of those things help your potential buyers create a story in their minds…a story that they want to write for themselves!

Remember, you need to market that your are not just selling a Grand Lake waterfront home but instead your are selling a Grand Lake lifestyle experience.

Cliff Crest Drive House For Sale
It helps to have GREAT curb appeal on the street side of your Grand Lake home!

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